Projects begin at BJ's brewery in Natomas and Stockton.  
We have fun, enjoy a raffle, and sponsor the growth of future projects.  Come learn whats next.  

2016 dates
May 10th and 11th 

May 15th, 2014  Thank you to everyone for donating.  California Clothing Recycles was a great idea.    

May is always Older Americans Month, A proud tradition that shows our nation's commitment to honoring the value that elders contribute to our communities. This year's Older Americans Month theme - "Unleash the Power of Age!" - highlights the significant contributions made by thousands of older Americans across our nation.

Every year since 1963, May has been a month to appreciate and celebrate the vitality and aspirations of older adults and their contributions to our communities. The theme for Older Americans Month 2013, Unleash the Power of Age, has never been more fitting. Older Americans are productive, active, and influential members of society, sharing essential talents, wisdom, and life experience with their families, friends, and neighbors.

This year, think about what your organization can do to help Unleash the Power of Age. Giving our elders opportunities to volunteer their time to support those who are less fortunate, to teach others the skills they've honed over the years, or to become involved in civic matters are just a few ways you can Unleash the Power of Age. Help our older Americans stay positive, active, and looking forward.

Past Events 2013
  • Thank you to everyone that came out to support our BJ's Fundraiser.  We are still waiting for the outcome but over fifty (50) attendees came.  The BJ's fundraiser proved to be an excellent way to bring family, friends, and giving together in Stockton, Ca.     
        Stockton get ready! In Your Corner is coming to BJ's Restaurant        
        October 28th from 5:00pm-10:00pm.
  • The Macy's Shop for a Cause Fundraiser has ended.  In Your Corner would like to thank everyone that participated and enjoyed the event.  Thank you to Fred Castano, Diana Gruver, Adrian Jilote, Al and Kate Nunes, & Sue Evans.  A Special thanks to Jerrilyn Muffy Ratto and Paula Chenoweth for their support and generosity. 

        Macy's posted this in response to the event.

        Thank you for participating in Macy's 8th annual Shop For A Cause
        on Saturday, August 24, 2013!

        Thanks to you, we raised more than $3.8 million
        for the March of Dimes and other local charities across the country.
        We greatly appreciate your support & participation in
        Macy’s 6th Annual Shop For A Cause charity shopping event.
        Thank you for finding the magic of giving back.

Chandler, AZ In Your Corner BJ's Restaurant fundraiser December 9th, 2013.  Thank you to everyone that participated.  Although the turnout was not what expected this will help with future projects of In Your Corner.  

Post Your New Events!

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